How Wide is a Pickleball Net and Other Crucial Dimensions

A pickleball net, balls, and a paddle on a court, and the text asks for a pickleball net wide.
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Pickleball is a viral game among all ages. People play it to refresh their minds and keep their bodies fit. But many need to learn the net dimensions and size. So, they ask me general questions like how wide a pickleball net is. In this article, I’ll discuss the questions regarding pickleball games. So, continue reading till the end to get answers to your questions.

Pickleball is similar to tennis. The court, net, and kits used to play this game are similar to tennis. The Pickleball bat and ball differ slightly from a tennis bat and tennis ball.

It is also important to note that pickleball follows the same rules as other ball-net games. This is because those familiar with tennis, badminton, table tennis, and other games like these will find the basic rules easy to learn.

What are Pickleball Court dimensions? 

The dimensions of a standard pickleball court are the same as a traditional badminton court, which is 40 feet long and 20 feet wide. Badminton court dimensions are reduced for singles; pickleball court dimensions remain the same for both doubles and singles. The Pickleball court size in meters is 6.1 meters in width and 13.41 meters long.

The play area of this game is longer than its court’s dimensions. You need a place 30 to 34 feet wide and 60-64 feet long to play this game comfortably.

Another essential thing to know about a pickleball court’s dimensions is the width of the lines. The lines should be 2 inches wide and marked by white or any other color that remains highlighted so that the players can easily see the line through the net from the other side of the court.

How Wide is a Pickleball Net? 

You can play pickleball with your partner on a standard badminton court for doubles because the dimensions are the same. However, replacing the badminton net with a pickleball net would be best.

A pickleball net should be 22 feet wide because the court width is 20 feet. So, the bar posts should be in positions 1 foot away from each sideline of the court. That’s why the net must be 22 feet wide.

Though this game is similar to tennis, the net size is different. But many people don’t know the exact size of a pickleball net; let’s clear this confusion.

The perfect pickleball net height should be 34 inches in the center of the court and 36 inches in the side posts. Sometimes, the net needs to be the right size in the center of the court. It becomes lower than it should be. In that case, you can put another post-bar in the center with a height of 34 inches to ensure that the net remains at the correct size while playing.

Pickleball net weight

There are many types of pickleball nets on the market. Generally, pickleball nets weigh between 25 and 35 lbs. The weight of the net becomes heavier because of the frame weights.

Usually, the frames are made of steel tubes or PVC. So, if your net consists of steel tube frames, it will be heavier than the PVC ones. But sometimes, PVC frames can’t hold powerful shots, which is annoying.

So everyone tries to go for the steel ones, though it weighs heavier than the other ones.

A manufacturer is making carbon fiber frames for pickleball nets to make them lighter than the two types. But the fact is, these nets come with a very costly price tag, which is only affordable for some.

To carry your pickleball net, you can have a bag for the net with wheels on the base. Some nets come with bags, so you don’t need to buy them separately.


A pickleball court is the same as a badminton court, and the rules are the same as a tennis court. The net height is just a few inches shorter than the tennis net, which is 34 inches in the middle and 36 inches on the side posts.

This is compared to a tennis net, 42 inches on the side posts and 36 inches in the center. And because the court is 20 feet wide, the net should be 22 feet wide.

I hope the confusion is apparent, and now you won’t ask anyone how wide a pickleball net is. Now, have your net at the proper height and start playing.

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